At Dose of Beauté, LLC we are more than just a skin care company, our philosophy is simple. We believe you are only as good as you feel. Dose of Beauté, LLC strives to focus just as much on internal beauty as the external exterior. Treating the skin and body with natural and safe ingredients that works within to promote balance. We do not believe in over-treating the skin or using harsh chemicals that dry it out, or irritate instead we choose to treat the skin with natural ingredients that nourish and balances to maintain a hydrated, smooth, & healthy glow you.

Dose of Beauté, LLC was created by a mom name Tina B., who suffers from hidradenitis suppurativa. After years of searching for natural remedies to co-exist with such skin disease, Tina found natural healing properties that not only helped with her HS but other skin issues she would later face such as PUPPP Rash while expecting her daughter. Tina wanted to make sure that all ingredients that she used on herself were safe for her child as well, because we all like to kill two birds with one stone!

Our company is dedicated to being transparent, & focused on keeping our valued customers needs in the forefront.

Disclaimer: We at Dose of Beauté, LLC are not doctors. We are not qualified to diagnose or prescribe medicine for any condition. The owner of Dose of Beauté, LLC is an legal esthetician. Dose of Beauté, LLC only makes and sells products they have used and tested personally.